OFF: Chrome tour date(s)

sprawl sprawl at BLACKBOARD.COM
Mon Feb 9 22:34:52 EST 1998

Scott Heller wrote:

> In other words, Chrome will not really be Chrome but Helios Creed and his
> friends playing Chrome songs!
> It should still be good and spacey!
> SCott

um, yes, as opposed  to damon edge and _his_ friends playing chrome songs.
sorta like nik turner and _his_  friends playing hawkwind songs, or dave brock and
_his_ friends playing hawkwind songs. ;)  just foolin' around there, but im sure
there's a point in there somewhere.
helios now has the rights to chrome and chrome material. after he got the royal
shaft from damon on those rights, i think it is only just that he be given his
fair shot with it.

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