HW: Your captain is dead...

Bernhard Pospiech bernhard.pospiech at GELSENKIRCHEN.NETSURF.DE
Tue Feb 10 11:42:21 EST 1998

At 11:41 09.02.98 -0800, you wrote:

>>My Question:  So why did the two Hawkwind tracks from the Roundhouse appear
>>on the Glastonbury Fayre album?   This has puzzled me muchly for many
>Well, this contradicts the "official" gig list, but I read somewhere (I
>think it may have been the first Record Collector article on Hawkwind from
>1985) that the Hawkwind performance from Glastonbury was not used because
>Dave Brock isn't on it!  Apparently it was one of those gigs where he was
>the member of Hawkwind too tripped-out to stand up, let alone play, so Thom
>Crimble (of Skin Alley, and former HW bassist) filled in on guitar for the
>gig.  Since "Silver Machine" and "Welcome" were left over from the
>Roundhouse recording, and not used on the 'Greasy Truckers' set, they were
>used on the 'Glastonbury Fayre' release.  Can anyone verify this
>(Bernhard?!?), or am I just repeating an unsubstantiated urban myth?

I didn't read about it. But fact is that Dave couldn't play the Glastonbury
gig on
23.06.1971 because he was ill. The lineup was: CB/OL/TU/DE/CA


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