BRAIN, BOC: Brownies gig last Sat.

brian halligan brianh at PULLEYN.COM
Wed Feb 11 11:02:40 EST 1998

John said:
>Sounds like a rockin' good time was had by all last Saturday night in
>NYC.  Anybody on the list attend?  I've seen a few mini-reviews of the
>gig, and I'll try to post later if no-one else does.

I planned to, but in the end my
finances wouldn't allow it.  I would
have loved to have heard Hot Rails and
Tattoo Vampire, not to mention the
monster jams with the two Bouchard
attack.  I wonder if David Roter was selling
any of his older CDs there as well?  Even
though I missed this show I feel extremely
lucky to have seen tBS twice this winter,
especially the post-Christmas show with
Helen Wheels.  So I can't complain.

>Hope another such gig will be done in the future - one which I can
>to get to!

Amen to that.

obCD> tBS: Trepanation
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