HW: Bob sings, Nik sings (was: Your captain is dead, part 2)

Martyn Lawrence martynl at FUJITSU.COM.AU
Thu Feb 12 12:03:00 EST 1998

> At that time, Huw was in the band, but the first sacking prior to Quark S & C,
> Huw had been absent for six or seven years, not due to re-appear on the scene
> until the 1979 tour.
> Nik re-surfaced at the Christmas 1981 gig at the Rainbow Theatre, London. Quite
Didn't Nik join in with the band at the Sci-Fi festival in leeds in 79.
He also played at one of the lyceum gigs in july 1980,but didn't join in at all.Was this one of Simon Kings last gigs.


ObMemory:Nik singing Blue rinsed haggered robot lyceum 1980 & Tim Blake singing NAti & Lighthouse same gig.

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