OFF: Chrome tour date(s)subject in transition...

Bob Lennon Hawkwinder at AOL.COM
Thu Feb 12 10:19:51 EST 1998

In a message dated 98-02-12 05:02:36 EST, you write:

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 > this is funny....the subject line is Chrome.......
 > anyhow...Spaceship Hawkwind is still flying and thats all that matters to
 > me...
 > sorry for adding another post to this subject line
 > Space is deep
 > bl

 Don't be sorry...This whole thingy concerns Hawkwind, and whether everyone's
 conceptions of their music and the whole scene matches what they feel is THE
 Hawkwind feel, or whatever....

 This is a completely personal thingy, and  reflects  each individuaal's
 current, or past, perception of  what  Hawkwind OUGHT to be.
 And I am  right, and no one else is, by Gum...

 I may be crazy, but I think that they shouldn't be caught in Kevin Sommers

 primiti too taa, nnz kkr muu. '72; this is '98, for shit sake...

um...ok....please repeat in english.....?

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