Chris Baker Nebosuke at AOL.COM
Sun Feb 15 01:34:29 EST 1998

AB wrote

> Yep, "X-Ray Eyes", Jaxx, VA/OCT./96.

How was it?  Have yet to hear this.

Jack wrote

>Also, I've heard BOC do Power Underneath Despair, Still Burnin' and The Cold
Gray Light of Dawn.

Have heard these (not recently, though)...someone said on the last BOC chat
that "Power" was not the SummerDaze version, I hope this is true for a couple
of reasons.

"CGLoD" sports a really sharp guitar hook, and lots of inviting spaces for BD
fills...the times I saw them do this (and on the tapes I have) the soloing was
very very good, seems to be a structure that lends itself to interesting BD
guitarwork, or at least stuff that appeals to me...for instance I have never
heard a solo on "Take Me Away" that really grabbed me.  Don't know why (unless
it's the spirit of Aldo Nova fucking everything up).  This song is a EB vocal,
for those who have not heard it...kind of mid-tempo.

"Still Burning" (did he drop the G again?) I thought suffered from the
repetition in the chorus:  "Burning for your love" repeated either 4 or 6(!)
times in the chorus, in addition to having it in each of the verses too.  Did
a quick listen of a tape just now and think I counted 37 uses of the word
"burning"...not that long a song either...I cannot conceive that he/they did
not receive some negative feedback on this, will be interested to see what's
changed in the last couple of years.

-Chris Baker

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