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Dave Berry daveb at HARLEQUIN.CO.UK
Mon Feb 16 08:21:00 EST 1998

On 16 Feb 10:53, M Holmes wrote:
> J. Michael Looney writes:
> > Not to be confused with "In the Company of Wolves", an erotic version of the
> > Little Red Riding Hood story.
> Aha! I think I may have stumbled in on this after the pub one night. The
> girl climbs to the top of a phallic beanstalk in the woods and comes
> back with eggs? Truly brilliant for atmosphere.

That's the one.  There are a couple of truly frightening scenes, and
the very hunky Micha Bergese (better known as a dancer).  It's based
on Angela Carter's rewriting of fairly tales, which are well worth

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