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Ted Jackson jr. 6L6 tojackso at LIBRARY.SYR.EDU
Thu Feb 19 14:15:42 EST 1998

>> From:          Stephen Swann <swann at ST-CANARD.SPC.EDU>
>> Since I know you're all wondering, yes, the X-Brothers do indeed
> some serious ass.  You all know the kind of songs Joe Bouchard wrote
> for BOC, and that's what he's delivered with the X-Brothers.  Strong,
> clear melodies, hard driving rythms, and heavy all over.  Maybe it's
> not fair to draw comparisons, but the X-Brothers are less eclectic and
> more straightforward in their presentation than the Brain Surgeons.
> You probably won't (although I admit that I haven't yet given their CD
> the close listen that it deserves) find the sort of inspired
> quirkiness or dark, dense material that you're used to hearing from
> the Surgeons, but you will find hard-edged, unadulterated rock-n-roll
> that'll knock your socks off.  I recommend checking out their CD,
> and I definitely recommend catching them live if you get the chance.
> Any questions?  ;-)
Yeah!  How's Joe on guitar?  Is he a serious lead player or did Billy
handle all the lead work?


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