OFF: Saxon (and now UFO)

Chris Bates C.D.Bates at SHU.AC.UK
Fri Feb 20 05:36:10 EST 1998

Andy Gilham wrote:

> Despite starting life not only in Barnsley but also as Son of a Bitch,
> Saxon soon came to embody all the strengths of the NWOBHM.

Any die-hard Saxon fans on the list (as if!) might like to
know that the band underwent a schism last year. Graham Oliver
has reformed Son of a Bitch - including some Americans I
believe. SoaB is therefore Saxon without Biff, Saxon still have

No-one has mentioned  *Denim and Leather*, when I was 16, 17, 18
that song was like an anthem for my generation. Well for me and my
mates anyway. Absolutely the dogs bits :-)

Talking of '70s and early '80s metal, I went to see those
perennial underachievers UFO last night. Sheffield City hall
about 90% full, great atmosphere and a very competent show.
They did nothing fancy, no dry ice, minimal lights big f**k-off
PA. They had Somon Wright (ex AC-DC) on drums and he was easily
the most talented guy there. Michael Schenker had a pretty
awful sound and the classic teutonic rock-god now looks like
... Roy Orbison. I kid you not, black DA, shades etc. Roy
Orbison with a flying V. Most odd.

Chris Bates

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