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<< For me, I think its just best to say that this is
 the first new BOC studio album in 10 years (nice round number).

During the Buck Dharma Band concert, Buck announced "BOC's been working on a
new record for about a decade".  It got a lot of laughs, and one person
shouted "What's WITH that?" (Must've been someone on BOC-L ;-)

Buck responded, "Well, just to show you that we do have, I'm going to play
some of them for you tonight".  Then they ripped into Live For Me.

I have a feeling that Live For Me will go over very well on the Classic Rock
Stations, where See You In Black might be a little too hard for them.  Still
Burnin is another possibility with it's Van Halenish sound.

I hoping a few of the singles make it, if it does I have a feeling Harvest
Moon could become a classic.

And who knows, Damaged or Hammerback could be great tunes for all I know:-)

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