OFF: Queensryche Rage was BOC Going on's

Wed Feb 25 10:24:24 EST 1998

Ted Jackson jr. 6L6 wrote:

> Uh, Eric
> Next time you forward one of my posts, I'd appreciate it if you asked
> me first.  And I would have appreciated it even more if you'd
> included my second post saying that I wasn't trying to bash Nuno and
> that I thought he was a good guitar player.   Anyway, I'm not pissed,
> but I do think that's proper 'net ettiquette.   Esp. if you include
> my name.  If you want to forward my stuff, at least delete my name
> from it.   Anyone notice how it's always me in the middle of these
> flame wars?  What the hell's in the water up here?
> >   ---------------------------------------------------------
> >
> theo


My appologese.
Actually the reason I had sent him your post was to see if he could shed
any light on the rumor of Nuno joining the band.  Basically I forwarded
it to him because I was too lazy to type up a new message.
I wasn't expecting him to write a lecture on it, which I suppose is even
more reason that I should have followed proper netiquette.
However, I did find his response interesting and felt that as I had
shared your message with him I would as well share his message here (I
left his name on too and didn't edit his any either --oops?).
Anyway, please don't take his comments personally.  He was not
responding to you as much as he was responding to the universal
complaint of "Oh no! why would so and so do such and such?!"

As for what's in the water? Well, I don't know about up by you but I'm
in NJ, so just take out the Periodic Table of the Elements and check
them all off.   8-)

Best regards.


PS.  He still hasn't mentioned anything to me about the rumor.

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