OFF: Flame wars and Rumors

Ted Jackson jr. 6L6 tojackso at LIBRARY.SYR.EDU
Fri Feb 27 07:06:27 EST 1998

> From:          "BREVARD, Adrian R." <abrevard at SHL.COM>
> Theo you are always in the middle of these things BECAUSE you always
> bash Rush, man.  8>) Its punative damges baby, there are just too many
> Rush fans out there and they are connected in "high places".  Besides

There you go!  The wages of sin...

> better you than me.  I took it on the chin from the heavy hitters, the
> "Great Coffee Flame Wars".  You're to young (BOC-L wise) to rememeber
> that one, many innocents were lost in that campaign.
I think I must have joined right as it was ending.  I remember
somebody torching you for your -er- analysis of the various
physiological changes wrought by different blends of coffee...

> Second point relates to Q'ryche.  They may not be everbody's cup of tea
> yet I am hard pressed to name a more misunderstood group. HITNF is not
> "a bit dodgy" (IMHO of course) its just different from its previous
> recordings.  Does Promise Land sound anything like Empire (One More Time
> Around notwithstanding)?  Does Empire sound much like Mindcrime?  Nope.
> why do people think a band has to stick with a basic formula forever?
Always liked them, believe it or not, though I never did get the last
one.  Thought Rage for Order was fantastic, as was Mindcrime. after
that, they seemed to lose their edge a bit.  I thought the long
interval bet. Mindcrime and Empire hurt the band, IMHO...

> Want to hear a really far out rumor?  OK.  Bud of mine on the west coast
> tells me the buzz is that the replacement for DiGarmo is none other than
> BUCK!  I almost fell out of my chair.  This bud is young and in to
> modern players.  Asked me "Isn't that guitarist for that geezer band you
> like ... Blue Fish something named Buck?  I hear Tate wants him to play
> with them.  Sucks man why do they need an old fart like that." {Forgive
> my young friend, like a some, certainly not all, 20 somethings he has no
> respect for the metal movement of the 70's}  I don't really buy this but
> I could see Mr. Dharma fit snuggly into this group.  Hell if I were Buck
> and they offered the money I'd do it.
This can't possibly be serious, but I actually thing BD would work
with the band.  But really, seeing as how BOC has finally put out a
new record, this wouldn't be the time for BD to bail.  Regarding
younger fans, there are a lot of young folks on this list, and they
are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about BOC and other
dino-bands.  In fact, most of the members of the various geezer band
lists I'm on are kids.  Looks good for the younger generation!


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