OFF: Atlanta area members only! Prog weekend starts today @ 1500.

Craig Shipley craigs at PYRAMID.COM
Fri Feb 27 10:22:30 EST 1998

Sorry to bother all of you other folks out there, but there is another
edition of the "Partly Pink (Floyd), Purely Progressive" starting today at
1500 on Z93 (92.9). Even though I have 80% of the stuff that they play, it
is still cool to hear it on the radio...

As this is crossposted to several lists, I'll try and make it specific to
those that are getting this...

Tangerine Dream; they generally play a heaping helping of the TANGENTS
material (I counted 8 tracks last time around). And they mention TD on their

Camel; haven't heard anything by them, but who knows???

BOC/Hawkwind; no HW so far, but I think I heard a BOC standard or two...

Ozrics & Porcupine Tree; I wish...

Again, I apologize to all of you out there getting Spammed by this or who
can't listen in...

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