HW: Where is www.hawkwind.com??

Paul Mather paul at GROMIT.CS.VT.EDU
Tue Jan 6 17:44:12 EST 1998

Regarding the recent messages reporting not being able to get through to
the official Hawkwind WWW site, www.hawkwind.com, I just did a
dig/nslookup on the hostname and found that it no longer exists; even
its primary nameservers don't know it!

Doing a "whois hawkwind.com" yields the following:

The Emergency Broadcast System Limited (HAWKWIND-DOM)
   PO Box 6131
   London, W3 8ZR

   Domain Name: HAWKWIND.COM

   Administrative Contact:
      Churchett, Dale  (DC1728)  daleweb at IO.COM
      (512) 342 1678
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Campbell, Craige  (CC435)  cgc at BHCOM.COM
      760 360-4600 (FAX) 760 360-3437
   Billing Contact:
      Douglas D. Smith  (DDS4-ORG)  actonium at DIAL.PIPEX.COM
      0181 993-8436
Fax- 0181 896 1778

   Record last updated on 25-Apr-97.
   Record created on 03-May-96.
   Database last updated on 6-Jan-98 05:29:27 EDT.

   Domain servers in listed order:


The InterNIC Registration Services Host contains ONLY Internet Information
(Networks, ASN's, Domains, and POC's).
Please use the whois server at nic.ddn.mil for MILNET Information.

Note that the billing contact is none other than our old friend Doug
Smith himself!  Maybe Doug doesn't realise that InterNIC require
$100/year to maintain a domain registration?  (Or, more likely, maybe
the Hawks are phasing out the stateside WWW presence in favour of their
own home-grown effort?)

Oh, btw, at least now the R.O.D.S. E-mailbomber has a target address... ;-)



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