HW:Origins of Assassins of Allah.

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> I know it is unlikely, but I am keen
>to find any firm links between HW and Bryan, other than his studio being
>called Brainstorm studios, and publishing in Brainstorm comix.

Bryan mentions them by name in Brainstorm #6 subtitled Astounding Rock
'n ' Roll stories. It's your typical alien-invasion-force-disguised-as-
rock-band-releasing-albums-with-contact-hallucinogens kinda story. I
can't remember the exact quote ( I've a copy at home thou') but it's
something like "their synth set-up was so huge it would have made
Hawkwind shit their pants". Of course, you won't find back issues of
Brainstorm anywhere, ever. Bugger, coz I'm still missing two, including
the Frap issue. I have the Spong though :)
Jon Browne
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