tBS Secret Weapon / BOC Stale Setlist

BREVARD, Adrian R. abrevard at SHL.COM
Fri Jan 16 08:46:15 EST 1998

>Well, if you've experienced tBS either live or on CD, she's hardly
"secret" ;-)

True.  But to those who step into a bar just for someplace to go on a
Friday night and have the pleasure of hearing the band for the first
time, I imagine many do a double take when they hear the two disticnt

>>Death Valley Nights - A song which BOC left for dead years ago

>Rightfully so.  This is a song that does not fit the current rendition
of BOC.  There is no one in the current lineup that could sing it or
Vera Gemini for that matter.

>Good point.  My point was that the original line-up left it for dead, as
oppossed to the current lineup.  It certainly could've been done live
back in '77 to '81.  Vera Gemini is another matter - only had Patti
had been available would this probably have been a possibility.

OK point well taken and misinterpreted by me.  Shame, I like DVN a lot.

>I don't want to sound overly critical of the Oysterboys but

>I agree with that up to a point.  However, there are plenty of songs in
the catalog originally sung by Buck or Eric that could be worked into
setlists.  I think the real problem with stale setlists with BOC has
little to do with not having the Bouchard Brothers around to sing them

Valid point again.  Plenty of material both Buck and Eric could cover
with no valid excuses (made publicly) as to why they don't.  But I would
disagree on our last point here, there is a substantial portion of the
libray missing becuse the Bouchard brothers are no longer a part of the

BTW, remind me not to play tennis with you, I hate losing but cannot
tolerate losing badly. 8>).

Diagonally parked in a parallel universe,
lil' ab

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