Off: OED

Jeff Berry nexus at PANIX.COM
Wed Jan 21 08:17:08 EST 1998

>     That's pretty good, considering the proper paper version lists at USD
>3000 (!) and the compact version for USD 350!  The CD-ROM lists at USD

Hmm, 395?  When last we looked it was more like 600 ... is the demand
tapering off? :-)

>     Mind you, a CD-ROM is a hell of a lot easier to store than the the
>hardcopy, and a bit more flexible in terms of use.  Though for a hundred
>bucks, it'd be tempting to get the compact version--definitely the CD-ROM

C'mon, $100 bucks for the compact OED, and the neat magnifying glass that comes
with since the writing is so small that you can't read it without one?
And the groovy box?  Besides, if you get the CD, what will you display
ostentatiously in your living room?


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