OFF: Tick(ed) Off in Europe

BREVARD, Adrian R. abrevard at SHL.COM
Wed Jan 21 09:22:55 EST 1998

"Ya know gang when you're a superhero you never know where the day will
take you.  You may find yourself halfway around the world in shark
infested waters of true to life living or you may find yourself going
down to the store for a lozenge.  You can't know can you?  No, you got
to ride that wave, you got to suck that lozenge.  Because if you don't,
who will?  - The Tick


"And so he says to me, you want to be a bad guy and I say yeah baby, I
want to be bad.  I said Surfs up space ponies, I'm making gravy without
the lumps." - Evil Midnight Bomber

>I knew it was someone on this list and finally the truth has revealed

"What's in a name anyway?  If I were called Bob or Jack or Vinny or a
piece of fruit, would I be any less a hero?  And if Barry were called
Ruppert, Max or rainbow would he be any less a jerk?  I don't think so.
Because a name is a rose and it only smells as sweet as you are."  - The

>Your Tick signatures are now flooding BBC Belfast as internal email

"Like a great blue Salmon of justice the mighty Tick courses upstream to
the very spawning ground of evil." The Tick

because I stole them all from your postings.  AND IT'S YOUR

"When a nice clean brain tumbles to the dirty street to lie among the
discarded wrappers and spat out gum wads of wickedness, you can't just
pick it up and wash it off with soap and water; you gotta think it clean
from the inside out." - The Tick

>I am now doomed to lose at arm-wrestling contests in the canteen and be
>taunted with cries of "Strike from below, viper"

"The true mad scientist does not make public appearances.
He does not wear the "hello my name is" badge.
He strikes from below like a viper.
Or from up high like a penny being dropped from the tallest building
He has but one purpose, to do bad things to good people with science!" -

>and "You'd have won if you'd've used Science on us good folks."

"Bah warm fuzzy nice nice.  What good is science if no one gets hurt?" -

>Argggghh I should never have lost me religion.

"Isn't sanity just a one trick pony anyway?  I mean all you get is one
trick, rational thinking.  But when your good and crazy the sky's the
limit."  -The Tick


"Once again we have blasted the nasal passages of the City clean of the
cloning mucus of evil.  Now we can all breath free and easy and smell
the lilacs in bloom.  Hello aroma!"  - The Tick

Thanks for making my day Chris.  To all at BOC-L , its...

"60 seconds to Midnight...60 seconds to nowhere baby.
You have all become victims of the Evil Midnight Bomber what bombs...hey
pay attention."  EMB

lil' ab

OBCD - Maze, Live in Los Angeles

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