HW : well HUW / Widowmaker

sprawl sprawl at BLACKBOARD.COM
Wed Jan 21 10:51:39 EST 1998

i had one of the widowmaker albums. forget the name... ahd the group sitting on
the cover against a white bckgrnd.  VERY lame album. could not even distinguish
playing. kiddie pop for wayward kids. sold it for a buck....
pleeeeeeease leave the kids alone...... la.   la.
liking them at the age of 10 does not seem unreasonable. i vaguely remember liking
the bay city rollers about that age...   =)

Jon Browne wrote:

> Has anyone got either of the two Widowmaker albums that Huw did during
> his 10 year absence? Are they worth tracking down? I have this vague
> recollection of seeing them on The Old Grey Whistle Test when I was
> about 10 in '75 (or thereabouts) and thinking they were OK but time
> wounds all heels. I was reading the HW entry in Adrift In The Ether last
> night. I never knew that **Viv Prince** filled the drum stool on
> occasion in the early years. Viv is, apart from being the Pretty Things
> drummer, a cock-er-nee rock'n'roll semi-crazed legend personal hero of
> mine. Wow, man, like, Viv Prince. Cited as a role model for Kieth Moon,
> his drumming was "positively revolutionary".
> --
> Jon
> OBCD Pretty Things - Unrepentant (with Viv on the cover, the day after the
> Danish Heavyweight Champion took a violent dislike to the length of his hair!)

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