HW : well HUW / Widowmaker

sprawl sprawl at BLACKBOARD.COM
Wed Jan 21 13:39:15 EST 1998

Steven Davies-Morris wrote:

> That's the 2nd Widowmaker album.  The first, with the black cat with the
> flashing green eyes on the cover had a different lead singer and was much
> harder edged.  Like a smoother Mott The Hoople.  I gave it to a _very_
> sexy girl a lifetime ago, because she loved the song *Mean What You Say*,
> which had the chorus:
> "Do you, do you really, do you really mean what you say?
>  Can I, can I have some, I will pay you back some day."
> Jenny, Jenny...brings back outrageous memories!

so... did she.... tell tell ya what she wants what she really really wants?

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