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Thu Jan 22 15:46:03 EST 1998

Guy's I can see your point, Eric being positive, but lets keep this in
perspective. We all wish him the best and we wish he would come over and
visit for a while so he could see first hand what we are really like,
but "walk a mile in his mocassins" for a moment.  If people you knew and
trusted told you repeatedly that a bunch of lunatics spent the majority
of their day bashing you, would you be eager to visit them?

I would hope that if he had these concerns he would be willing to judge
for himself but that all supposses he has the time as well as the desire
to do so.  We here at BOC-L know where we stand and thats the important
thing.  Besides how do we know Eric, Buck, Alan, Danny or even Steve
Schenk aren't lurkers?  Hell I could be one of those folks as far as
most of you know.  I say most because I have had the pleasure of meeting
at least three people on this list in person.

Again I understand the sentiment but lets "Let Go" of that one.

BTW John is AOF Gold Pricey ($20 or more)?  Is it intended to be
available in retail outlets?  Just curious.

>Ghost in the Ruins (fomerly lil' ab)
>*If Prince can change his name, I can too.

>does this mean you're now "The Poster Formerly Known As Lil' AB"?

Yes and no.  Yes, thats the status and no, I would hate to have to type
that each time. 8>)

Ghost in the Ruins

OBStrangeNomination for tBS Cover - "Dr. Stein", Helloween

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