off:[sm]<mfr at>

dave cohen lapis at POBOX.UPENN.EDU
Tue Jan 27 15:11:30 EST 1998

        i never received my order, luckily i had ordered
        via credit card and was able to successfully dispute
        the charge.

        at any rate, [sm]'s current email address seems to be:

        sm.mfr at

        with his last posting on 1/17 (per Dejanews)

        people might be able to complain to his ISP or post
        on newsgroups where he has, letting folks know he is not
        reliable. which is probably what i will do now (i had thought
        that i was the only one still awaiting merchandise and
        was prepared to let the matter drop, but it seems worthwhile
        to warn people on the net)

        best luck,

        lapis at
> At 18:53 27.01.98 +0200, you wrote:
> >Are there still people who waiting they stuff from sm (4thworld)?
> Yes, I am waiting (without hope) too :-((
> The have received 120 DM  (= 40 Pounds) from me. And I've received NOTHING
> Bernhard

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