HW: Man at the 1999 Party

Andy Gilham Andy.Gilham at BTINTERNET.COM
Wed Jan 28 04:45:28 EST 1998

Finally got hold of the Man _1999 Party_ album!  Even though the cover says
"Live in Chicago, April 1974", the sleeve notes say it was recorded on
March 21 - so it's the same show as the Hawkwind one.  It's just about
exactly an hour long, not bad for a support I guess.  Good sound, and if
you like Man at all then it's one to get.  And you can play this and then
the HW record to recreate the total concert experience!

(Of course, for total authenticity that might mean going to the pub while
this is on and then coming back and skipping the first couple of minutes of
"Brainbox Pollution" :)


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