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Andy Gilham Andy.Gilham at BTINTERNET.COM
Thu Jan 29 05:32:49 EST 1998

Department of more money than sense, I guess, but they were both quite
cheap, so I got the soundtrack albums for "The Frighteners" and "I Know
What You Did Last Summer", which feature (respectively) The Mutton Birds
doing "Don't Fear the Reaper" and L7 doing "This Ain't the Summer of Love".

The Mutton Birds are a good band, and no BOC fan need be offended by their
version.  My first thought was it's perhaps a bit too faithful to the
original, but their own personality does come through in the instrumental
passages, which are really very good, with some understated effects work,
indistinct samples and stuff.  A version worth having, but perhaps not
worth buying the whole album for!  Generally a nice updating, if a little
but "clean" throughout.

L7, on the other hand, do what is basically a grunge version (remember
grunge?), which is funny, but I'm not sure how "worthwhile" it is as an
exercise!  Bit heavy on the bass drum, thud-thud-thud.  At one point the
vocals reminded me of someone but I couldn't think who, and then I realised
they reminded me of Deborah :)  What I've listened to of the rest of the
album is pretty crappy though.


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