HW: another 50 Years of Sunshine

c mumford cannibal at CUTEY.COM
Sat Jan 31 17:50:54 EST 1998

Partially answering my own question, from the same website, snipped below
from the reviews section. Anyone have any more info and care to elaborate?
Wondering if this is a cover of HW's Awakening by Earth Leakage Trip
(whomever they may be!).



'50 YEARS OF SUNSHINE' - VARIOUS (Silent, USA) A compilation of
contemporary explorative music presented in a beautifully designed triptych
- 'Orange Barrel, Windowpane & Purple Microdots' - shared between 2 discs;
100mg & 250mg, weird & then some for sure. From the elemental mindscapes of
'The Voyage - In Wake of Passing Clouds' by acid-rock pioneer Harvey
Bainbridge (ex-Hawkwind) to the spell-binding fruits of 'The Awakening' by
Earth Leakage Trip; from the frenetic intensity of Phauss's meticulous
'Radiator' to the folksy groove of 'On LSD' by Steel Porn Rhino, this is an
incredible combination. Opening with a narrative by Dr. Timothy Leary,
mirthfully entitled 'The Incredible Lightness of Being Molecular' &
extending outwards for more than 140 minutes, this imaginatively celebrates
the 50th anniversary of an occasion that led to considerable change in the
artistic & spiritual development of Western civilisation. If it sounds &
looks this good now, what's it going to be like for the 100th Anniversary?
Wow. (10/10) Desmond K. Hill

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