Bootleg CD removal from Codex proposed

christmu at EUNET.NO christmu at EUNET.NO
Sat Oct 31 09:02:49 EST 1998

I think its a fairly clear issue. Of course "properly" pressed &
distributed bootleg CD runs such as "Theta Orionis" or "Kings of Speed,
Lords of Light", etc. belong IN the Codex. Little runs of private burned
CDR's, despite cover printouts or good sound etc. should be excluded
("Quark Night In Paris", "Nova Drive", "Secret Tepee" etc. etc.) I do feel
there should be an exception with CDR's done up by the band(s) themselves
in large enough numbers, for instance the HawXtar CDR, or Alan Davey's
recent CDR release sold at gigs etc. These two or any others sold from the
band could be counted in the Codex, just as the Weird Tapes are, despite
being just cassettes.... because its sanctioned and availible to more than
a handful of friends or fans. But would the incredible Inner City Unit "The
Complete Works 1979-1986" MP3, info & video CDR be included here?

But the idea of having an "apocryphal" "DIY CDR Codex" to correspond with a
live tape index, and rating the CDRs compared to the sources or other CDRs
of the same material (source/mastering/cleaning sound etc) in addition to
quality packaging (if one is making something like this why not go all the
way?), plus info on how large a run and the CDR origin country, could make
for an interesting appendix to the "official" discography. It might also
encourage budding "DIY bootleg whippersnappers" to put better work into the
production, not just transferring, becoming more "legit" and worthwile to
collect, from status of being essentially a normal live tape... because a
CDR is a medium with greater potential than an analog tape (plus its
essentially a CD/record anyway, if thats a factor anymore)


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