BEDOUIN live in Zoetermeer

Andreas Andreas.Stuewe at T-ONLINE.DE
Fri Sep 4 09:38:52 EDT 1998

Here´s the setlist of BEDOUIN´s first gig of the tour in Zoetermeer/NL at the
Boerderij Club on Sept. 3rd:

The Call
Queen of the night
Vision Quest
Dagger Dance
Ancient Light
? (new song)
Rock Palace
Sputnik Stan
Passion is an animal
Sword of the East
Chasing the Dragon
Encore: LSD

All in all about 90 min.
There were about 20 paying people there.
Danny Thompson was the worst drummer Hawkwind ever had. Now he´s playing with
Bedouin...and he hasn´t learned much in the meantime.
Sean Massett is a rather good guitarist, especially when his guitar is tuned
rightly, which wasn´t the case this night.
Alan Davey is a really excellent bass player but not a good singer.
All in all a pretty good show though. "Chasing the dragon" is very fast and the
only fitting song for Danny. And "Vision Quest" is still getting better.

There´s a new CD sold only at gigs. It´s called "Sci-fi-delic EP" and it´s
credited to Alan "The Elf" Davey. Tracks:

1. Sci-fi-delic     (4.46)
2. Vulcan Ritual    (3:50)
3. Interceptor 1    (4:21)
4. Holosuite Program(6:53)
5. Eagle Alpha      (4:57)

Alan played all instruments. This is a CD-R with an ink-jet printed label sticker
with an Alan Arthur painting on it and no inlay sleeve. The back of the sleeve is
also ink-jet printed with the tracks & credits on it. The tracks are all
instrumentals and pretty boring, the first one´s the best, it sounds a lot like
Anyway, the CD isn´t cheap, 25,00 hfl (about $ 12) and isn´t even worth the half
of it. But since we´re all collectors who buy any fart released in any format by
our favourite artists...who cares.


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