BOC: Dissin' Diz Busters?

Andrew A. Apold mordru at FLITE.NET
Thu Sep 10 11:17:51 EDT 1998

>>>  Heck pick
>> > out any song (except Astronomy) sung by Eric on the first three and I
>> > couldn't begin to tell you what he was mumbling.  He sounded great doing
>> > it but the words just never sank in.
>BOC is definitely the hardest band to understand to my ears, even
>after nearly 20 years of listening...and these guys have been among
>my top 5 favorite bands all that time! I find it ironic that Heaven
>Forbid is the easiest of all BOC albums to understand lyrically, yet
>they chose this one as the FIRST FUCKIN' BOC ALBUM WITH PRINTED

Well....  Extraterrestial Live had printed lyrics, too,
just they weren't exactly as sung....  the Moorcock ones
were interesting (Black Blade & Veteran), they had several
extra lines not in the songs (as sung), but they look like
stuff Moorcock probably wrote for them....

You did, of course, send off the 50 cents for the nice
green and white striped computer printout (all caps) of
the lyrics, right?  They weren't perfect, but helped
a lot...

 Yes I know the secrets of the iron and mind
 they're trinity acts, a mineral fire
 Yes I know the secrets of the circuitry mind
 It's a Flaming Wonder Telepath!"

  - "Flaming Telepaths"
   by Blue Öyster Cult


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