BOC: Baby Ice Dog

Laj Waldner erebus7 at DLCWEST.COM
Sat Sep 12 03:37:01 EDT 1998

Hi everybody,  I have a question about the "Bitch" in "Baby Ice Dog", on
the second verse it is sang and I quote "Her intent it was all too
clear, all too clear", does anybody know what her intent could be? Since
it is my firm belief that you can never delve too deep into a BOC song,
she must of had some kind of intent, it must of been pretty bad to
because of the reaction "the Mongolian man" took, "Baby ice went down to
the cold, cold, cold ground". I know she crossed him once too often, and
that might be reason enough to kill her, but she still must of had some
sort of intent right, what was going to happen up in the mountains?
"How the ice caved in", does this mean she sort of  fell through a crack
in the ice while he watched? well baby that's the breaks :-).
    And thanks to everybody that helped me with my "7 Screaming
Diz-busters" inquiry.

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