OFF: RFT Sabbath (was Re: New (again))

Dave Berry daveb at HARLEQUIN.CO.UK
Mon Sep 14 05:37:36 EDT 1998

At 15:54 12/09/98 GMT, Steve Pond wrote:
>>BTW any UK list members see the BBC Rock Family Tree on Sabbath tonight?
>>what did you think if ya did?

I enjoyed it -- it made me dig out some old HM tapes from the back of the

>Total gloss job.. the demise of the late Sabbath was far gorier than
>they showed, didn`t they have a roadie on vocals for one album?
>What about Tony Iommi`s chopped off finger? I would have thought a
>guitarist with 9 fingers & a thimble was worth a mention..

I did suspect them of glossing over some details.  What's the story with
Tony Iommi's finger?

>The Sabbath story is being forced into some kind of "real life Spinal
>Tap". I didn`t like the way the actual music was ignored except for 2
>minutes on the 1st album. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is a very accomplished
>album, not least Bill Wards drumming which if you listen wouldn`t be out
>of place on a Stax record.

I think this is just the style of the program.  It depends on what live
clips they've got to play with, and typically there aren't very many.  They
played at least "Black Sabbath" and "Never Say Die", and one or two
snatches from other songs, with a variety of live footage.  It seems par
for the course; the previous week's RFT on The Mamas and The Papas & The
Loving Spoonful only played a handful of songs.

>I`d love to see Rock Family Trees attempt Hawkwind.. it would have to be
>a 6 parter.. :)

I noticed that the written entry for Rainbow just said "More than 20 people
passed through Blackmore's group".


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