Ledge of Darkness????

J Strobridge eset08 at HOLYROOD.ED.AC.UK
Sat Sep 19 15:05:38 EDT 1998

Cliff and Pam Wheaton writes:

> Hi all!
> What's "Ledge of Darkness"? Any idea? I'm not familiar with that. I
> presume
> it's a book (or series of books), but I've never heard of it before.

Long story!   Started out as the third book of a concept trilogy that
began with "Time of the Hawklords" and "Queen of Deleria".   It was
never completed in book form by the original author (mercifully, some
would say - and I include myself) however a graphic novel with that
title compiled by Bob Walker was issued with the "Hawkwind - 25 years
on" CD box set wherein Hawkwind disappear and Nik Turner, buys a book of
arcane knowledge in Edinburgh after playing a gig up here (the artist
depicts it as raining - why is that?) to assist with their reappearance.

Back in the 80s Hawkwind were talking about doing a stage show with
a Ledge of Darkness format but it never happened and I guess the idea
never entirely went away.

> Also-noting here that obviously I didn't pay attention when this came up
> before-what is Hw's "Aliens" CD?? Is it a re-issue of "Alien4? . Saw a
> listing at my favorite cd store-and I'm curious (again! ) :)

Can you give a track listing for this?   Folk keep noticing the title
and the assumption so far (I think) is that it's a mis-titling for
Alien4 but if you could list the tracks that would confirm it one way or

> Thanx for any help in advance!!
> Rock on!


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