BOC: theme

Hall, Russell J russell.j.hall at LMCO.COM
Tue Sep 22 10:57:14 EDT 1998

> I'm still learning about computers, basically. What exactly is a
> "theme"?
Themes are a way of personalizing your win95.  They change many of the
computers defaults.
Examples:  There is a spooky theme that comes with Win95 and include some of
the following:

When the computer starts up instead of the windows music lightning strikes.
The background is the living room of a haunted house.
The screen saver is the outside of the haunted house with sounds and eyes
and clouds (oh my)
Some of the default icons are changed like the Garbage Pail is now a 'secret
envelope,' and
the My Computer icon is a 'detective's hat.'
The illegal operation sound is Igor groaning.
The in-use icon is a finderprint instead of an hour glass.

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