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I have this CD also, I think that the remixes have been done by
Astralasia,  I seem to remember some small writing on it somewhere. The
first track is the one from Reconstructions but the others are new.


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> From: Mark Edmonds
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> I am suffering a serious bout of amnesia here so some facts may not be
> correct:
> Whilst browsing round a few shops yesterday, I found a Griffin CD
> which had
> (I think) 4 tracks on it, each of which (I think) was a remix of
> Spirit of
> the Age. Being in the UK, this CD had come in as a Canadian import
> with a
> suitably high price tag. I couldn't work out from the sleeve who was
> directly responsible for the remixing or when this thing was released.
> Is it just a CD EP from the Solstice Reconstructions (or whatever its
> called
>  - I don't have this)?
> Is it worth collecting for rarity anyway?
> Two further related questions:
> What is the general opinion on the Solstice Reconstructions CD? Is it
> really
> worth getting or interesting or IITBOTFTBD quality or forget it?
> I can't remember what the second question was.
> Thanks for any help,
> Mark Edmonds

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