BOC: remasters and Agents

Ted Jackson jr. s2h2 tojackso at LIBRARY.SYR.EDU
Fri Sep 25 07:23:43 EDT 1998

> From:          John A Swartz <jswartz at MBUNIX.MITRE.ORG>
> >I'll be damned if I can remember which guitar magazine out recently
> featured AoF in a nice 2/3 page inset under the header of "classic albums"
> or somesuch, features some comments by Roeser on the whole shebang.
> Including the origins behind the mighty DFtR solo. (I didnt buy it, I just
> read the mag for that one article wheich I stumbled upon)
> Was that not the Oct. Guitarworld with Gene Simmons (KISS) on the cover?
> John

You are correct sir!

E. McMahon

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