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Mon Sep 28 09:04:51 EDT 1998

> From:          Bolts of Ungodly Vision <js3619 at WIZVAX.NET>

> At 08:35 AM 9/28/98 EDT, you wrote:
> >I see that BOC is playing 10 Oct at Strikezone in Binghamton.  Anyone
> >going?  Torgo, you gave me some good directions to the place last
> >time.  Could you re-post them please?
> Good god, BOC is reallly playing up NY state this month.. Theres an ad for
> them
> playing on OCt 17th i Albany too.  What did NY do right?  Were we the only
> one who bought the new CD?:)
> Jason

Jason, where ya been?  BOC's also playing 9 Oct in Rochester!  I'm
planning on doing the Deadhead thing and catching both shows.  The
Sat. show might be tough, as I've got something going on Sat.
afternoon, but BOC doesn't usually go on 'til 11pm so I should be
okay.  Firday's show is a given.  Which gig/s are you figuring on


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