OFF: The Clones of Tony Blair[no BOC/HW]

M Holmes fofp at HOLYROOD.ED.AC.UK
Fri Dec 3 10:14:56 EST 1999

Ted Jackson jr. s2h2 writes:

> > Perhaps something in the Oral Office is causing Alzheimers? Seems to me
> > that the less the new guy knows, the less he'll forget...
> >
> Then, I reckon, Bush should be the man for the job!
> But Mr. Bush is pretty good at forgetting too.  He's already
> forgotten that he used to be a drunk just a couple years ago.  He
> wants everyone to forget he was busted for coke a while back, and he
> wants everyone to forget that his daddy got his ass out of going to
> Vietnam.  Not that I think going to Vietnam was a great thing--far
> from it, I just wish he'd have the guts to admit he got out of it.
> Remember, he's a blood 'n' guts republican, and being in the war is
> something a GOPer would normally brag about. Funny thing is, his
> democrat rival, Al Gore, WAS is Vietnam, albeit as a sort of Private
> Joker.  Who knows what makes people vote here.  Hell, we've got a
> governor who used to be a wrestler!

At least Jesse Ventura seems partway libertarian on social issues. If I
were there I'd evote for him or John McCain, who certainly was in
Vietnam and wasn't having a fun time as a POW.

Anyone who refuses to leave a Vietcong prison camp unless they release
all the guys in there before he was definiteley has the sort of stubborn
streak that I admire.

> theo


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