OFF: The Clones of Tony Blair[no BOC/HW]

Andrew A. Apold mordru at FLITE.NET
Fri Dec 3 10:38:33 EST 1999

>On  3 Dec 99 at 15:14, M Holmes wrote:
>> At least Jesse Ventura seems partway libertarian on social issues. If I
>> were there I'd evote for him or John McCain, who certainly was in
>> Vietnam and wasn't having a fun time as a POW.
>Well, Jesse's definitely pro-gun.  And, though he's a buffoon, I
>admire him for being, to my knowledge, the only politician to ever
>show blatant disrespect for organized religion.  He said that
>religion is a crutch for weak-minded people!  Most pols act as though
>they live in a church, even though they have about as much regard for
>it as Jesse...

Yep.  And his popularity rating in polls dropped like 15% right after
that.  He surprised me, there may be more to him than I originally

"I was corrupt before I had power!" - Random
Andrew Apold

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