worst guitar solos

Robert C. Mayo RMayo19761 at AOL.COM
Thu Dec 9 21:21:39 EST 1999

"...taste rather than aesthetics...":

i respectfully diagree. page's chops have been shot since around 'in through
the out door'. we probably agree that he is a truly great guitarist (and songw
riter) per se, but as a soloist he's been a shadow of his former self for
years. age (among other things...) does take it's toll. same for howe. it's
uncomfortable to watch a player struggle (& fail) to play something that he
himself has written and once performed brilliantly. but this is inevitable.
time marches on...

neil young, however, plays at the same level today as he always did. in this
case i'll agree it's a matter of personal taste.


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