BOC: Buck and Brevard

Torgo Sedler drtorgo at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Dec 11 08:42:47 EST 1999

Before this gets any bigger..........

Adrian Brevard forwarded.........
Dude, just spent the past week in San Francisco...first day back in the
office and they tell me Buck walked off stage and quit the band?  Oh the
sheer this the end of BOC?  Sure you can find a guitarist but
can you find a Buck?  NOT!

Tell me something if ya know anything about it...

Please don't let this rumor get out of control. This is the result of a well
thought out practical joke. The parties responsible had no idea Mr. Brevard
would fall for it in such a big way. :^)

***Buck has NOT, I repeat NOT left BOC!!!***

Back to lurking........ AND to let Mr. Brevard off the hook.

Torgo has left the building.......
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