Andrew A. Apold mordru at FLITE.NET
Mon Dec 13 12:49:59 EST 1999

>So I finally broke down and ordered X-Brothers "Solid Citizens". I
>saw Cult Brothers a long time ago in Binghamton, and I don't remember
>much about their original stuff (except that I liked it). For some
>reason, "Hot Time In Hell" stands out in my memory as one I
>particularly enjoyed.
>So what am I in for? Is it as good as I remembered?

Yep, excellent CD.  "Hot time in hell" is a fun tune.

There are others I like on a serious level more, but
all in all a very enjoyable CD.

IIRC they didn't write Hot Time in Hell, but everything
else is by Joe or by Joe and others...

"I was corrupt before I had power!" - Random
Andrew Apold

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