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Mon Dec 13 18:07:22 EST 1999

"Michael S. Habiby" wrote:
> Perhaps the value of the item will increase WITH the coupon removed as it
> shows just how RABID a Kollector you (plural) are.
> Just my dos centavos

Actually the value - per se - isn't the major problem here.  I much
prefer to have my Hawkwind collection undamaged and the thought of
cutting chunks out of it just feels like desecration!   If I *must* do
it I suspect that I'll probably just have to collect my destructable set
through the second hand stores or will have to cut up my present ones
and hope to find seond hand replacements in due course.   But it's not
an easy decision - honest!


ob non sequitor> I'm utterly disconsolate. They've killed off the frogs
in the Budweiser advert 8-(  That was mean!

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