The pinnacle of rock (was Re: Greatest Riff of the Millenium)

Brian Halligan bthalligan at EARTHLINK.NET
Fri Dec 17 14:52:50 EST 1999

Theo wrote:
>Just listen to their albums, and you can tell that much!  But
>seriously, take a band that never tours and puts out an album once
>every 5 years, excuse me, put out the same album once every
>five years--hell, they have to make money somehow, so why not sue

Sounds like the perfect rock star life to me! Live the livestyle without
having to be creative and churn out product on schedule. ;-) AC/DC is
finally getting the hang of this too...for awhile they understood the part
about putting out the same album, but they're just now catching on to what
makes Boston so brilliant- their spacing between albums. And when's the
last time AC/DC toured? '95?

I figure they can find plenty of bands to sue. If I were AC/DC I'd get some
lawyers to find out which riffs they can sue a band for using without being
sued in turn by the estate of some dead blues hero.

"Money for nothin' and your chicks for free." The rock 'n' roll dream.


P.S. I like AC/DC a lot, even if all their albums are the same. And Boston
indirectly led me to purchase my first BOC tape (AOF/Spectres 2-fer), so
they can't be all bad. In fact, you could say Boston and AC/DC had a lot to
do with my eventual love of BOC and HW. Go figure.

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