HW: 99 Tour Boot on sale

Dan Witt lwitt1 at USWEST.NET
Wed Dec 22 20:30:24 EST 1999

There are still plans to tree this show on the list.   I would encourage
people not to buy the boot, but participate in the free tree.  Once this
thing gets treed amongst us hardcore fans it will hopefully eliminate
the need for people to buy the boot. Plans are to have a tree set up
real soon.

Jonathan Jarrett wrote:
>         Dear All,
>                   sighted the day before yesterday in Cambridge, a boot
> of the Milton Keynes gig from the recent tour - fast work! It seemed to
> have an accurate track-list and reasonable packaging, but it was £25 and
> a boot so I didn't get it. In fact, I'm quite frightened that it exists
> already. Thank heavens _real_ albums take longer to come out... Yours,
>                                                                         Jon
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