BOC: Who's beating the drums?

Brad Dahl dahl at AROS.NET
Tue Dec 28 08:05:33 EST 1999

This just in:

>>>Drummer Chuck Bonfante is out, Bobby Rondinelli is in
in SIGNS OF LIFE. The band is said to be a mix of
Zebra, Journey, Touch and Kansas. Scheduled for
release in the spring, song titles include Aryon,
Wine, Signs Of Life, All My Life, Forever Again,
Weight, Stranded, Cross The Line, Love Is Alive, I'll
Be There, Desperate Heart, Heartache, In The Middle Of
The Night and I'm Alive.<<<

Anybody know who is going to replace Bobby?

Bev Bevan?  (a joke, I figure another ex-Black Sabbath drummer would work pretty good)

Brad Dahl

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