HW: Moorcock´s birthday

Andreas Stuewe Andreas.Stuewe at T-ONLINE.DE
Wed Dec 29 13:01:05 EST 1999

Just got in a large paperback book from the Nomad of the Time Streams, 122
pages, a special issue of the Time Centre Times celebrating Mike´s 60th
birthday. It features a lot of congratulations from various more or
less famous SF/Fantasy authors like Aldiss, Spinrad and Tad Williams + some
personal notes from not so famous musicians as Dave Brock, Nik Turner and Lemmy.
Dave wrote the following:

"In case of Michael Moorcock in your area,
 Do not panic,
 Follow these rules.
 It is imperative to bring all bodies to ... (stop that!)
 Happy Birthday from Dave Brock, Kris and all of the Hawkwind Family."

Also featured are writings by Pete Pavli, Brian Tawn, Eric Bloom, Mike
Butterworth and lots of others, incl. rare photos and some real good drawings.
A pretty nice item to have. You can get it from:
John & Maureen Davey
21, Honor Oak Road,
Honor Oak,
SE23 3SH

e-mail: JaydeDesign at compuserve.com

´By the way, Mike´s birthday was on Dec. 18th!


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