BOC: B'more BBQ

BREVARD, Adrian R. abrevard at SHL.COM
Thu Jan 7 10:24:35 EST 1999

>Did anyone else get a mailing today regarding a BOC related project called
"Too Hip for the room"?

>Too Hip For The Room is legit.  Buck sings a great Reaper/Burnin For You
medley.  Sort of West Side Story meets the Stray Cat Strut.  In Baltimore in
April, we had the BOC BBQ East and Too Hip played 43 songs, including at
least a dozen unique interpretations of BOC songs.

I knew this name was familiar, just couldn't remember where I had heard
about them.  The B'more BBQ!  Good to see your name in lights AOF.  Now if
only TA can check in from across the great pond.

Ghost in the Ruins

CDNP - Time of the Oath, Helloween

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