HW: Hawkwind Passport Update

Fri Jan 8 15:44:49 EST 1999

Hello all!

I know that some, if not all, of you will have had this message before, if
so I apologise now, (please do not be as rude to me as Massimo Rippa was,
you must all have been novices sometime!)

Just a quick message to let everyone know what is going on with the
Hawkwind Passports.
They are being processed at the moment but it is taking more time than we
anticipated. We will get them back to you soon.
The first offer that is open to passport holders only is a limited edition
CD. It is called Hawkwind 1997 and was recorded live on the Autumn 1997 UK
It is available for £10 inc postage and packing (UK only, for overseas
orders add £2.50). Please send cheques, POs or money orders made out in
pounds sterling only.
Make cheques etc payable to "Hawkwind 97".

Write to:

PO Box 28
E. Devon
EX14 8AP

Do not forget to quote your passport number! (If you don't remember it and
you have sent off, we should be able to confirm it with your name, although
passport numbers will speed things up.)

Happy new year to everyone!

Bye the way, The Ledge of Darkness will most likely not be known as such
and it will not be based on the Bob Walker comic.


P.S. Dave has been granted a visa!!!!!!!!

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