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Sun Jan 10 05:14:06 EST 1999

Hi folks,
thought you might be interested in this from the alt.music.psychedelic

redroad at btinternet.com wrote in message

Will Hawkwind tour the UK this year ?  Does anyone know if there are any
plans to tour ?

to which marie at fawe.demon.co.uk replied

Hopefully, yes.  They may be touring the USA and Japan on their Ledge of
Darkness tour, with a UK tour planned, maybe, in Autumn.  The live vid from
the last tour is due out very soon, but has been put back a few times, so
don't hold your breath.  Same for the live album, 'Hawkwind In Your Area'.
Keep an eye out on various festivals, Bike club gathering etc (paticularly
Pentrich, Rock and Blues as they've played that couple of times this decade)
as they could test out the new stuff.
Meanwhile, Alan Davey (ex bass player) will be touring with Bedouin in the
UK again late February, through to March 99.  I have a few dates scattered
around somewhere, but nothing definite yet.  If anyone wants gig dates,
contact me in a couple of weeks time.  I should have a fairly complete gig
list by then.

Cheers       Marie

Anyone have any more details.


Andrew Dawson
adawson at clara.net
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