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Thu Jan 14 08:32:25 EST 1999

On tor 14 jan 1999 11.09 +0000 "Mark Edmonds" <edmondsm.brbs at EMS.RAIL.CO.UK>
>  ^^^^^^^
> Ha! Love that magazine name! Nice one! (I didn't even know it was still
> being published and I'll shamefully admit that I did read it once every
> moon.)

     I certainly didn't invent it :)  But they are rather lame!
Actually, like I said, there are a few people on their staff
who seem to be cool, and occasionally give a good review to
something (relatively) obscure that they probably didn't get
bribed to do.  I used to pick it up every month or so and read
it with my afternoon coffee--but the local grocery store
stopped carrying it :)


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