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Fri Jan 15 08:36:00 EST 1999

At 12:10 15/01/99 +0000, you wrote:
>"Hopkins" CDEP: Contains a cover of "Fire" with a horn section (!)
>and an sprawling funk/jazz/blues/metal cheezefest which manages
>to simultaneous rip-off blaxploitation themes and Sabbath.  Hysterical.

oh cheers carl, here i was thinking, 'right, i'll have to stop buying
vinyl/shiny discs until the end of the month,' and you bring news from the
east of a sabs/blaxploitation crossover, d'oh! :) Oh and the song 'Freedom'
that they do: no relation to the one that Praise Space Electric covers (its
credited to a Richie Havens but this rings no bells with me)

>     Hey, yer better off than in Cambridge!  I've not seen
>Dr. Hasbeen yet :/

me neither, anyone else out there seen them? (i'm also trying to work out
selling a hawkwind covers band to my jazz and classical loving best mates...)


andrew at

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